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SMM - promoting your product/brand through social networks

SMM - Social Media Marketing. Put differently, it is your presence in the community of your target audience. A properly planned strategy for the presence of developing the loyalty of your audience, decide on branding and awareness, and can be converted into traffic to your site and increase sales. It is proved that the messages transmitted on social networks, have more confidence in potential buyers and consumers.

Promote your business on social networks allows you to selectively affect the target audience, choose the site where the audience is presented the most abundant and the most appropriate ways to communicate with her.

SMM - marketing is a versatile product that includes PR, marketing and advertising on the Internet. Depending on what product or service you want to promote the network, develop customized media plan in which we will select the most appropriate strategy for you, using a set of tools for the promotion of social media. These tools can be used both individually and collectively.

Basic services

Advertising in social networks & mdash; this is a very effective marketing tool that allows your business to pay attention only to users interested in you. This is achieved by the fact that users in completing the registration form for the point about themselves (sex, age, location, interests), which further helps to target very precisely. Advertising in social networks from 3000 rubles.
Promotion in social networks & mdash; This is perhaps one of the most important marketing tools in social media. We will create a brand for your online community in social networks where your behalf will engage in dialogue with the audience, spread your publications, hold competitions, thereby gaining the loyalty of the public and making the brand recognizable. Promotion in social networks from 7000 rubles.
Hidden Marketing & mdash; this is one of the tools SMM, which includes work aimed at creating and maintaining a positive image of the brand, product or service. The essence of the hidden marketing is that the product advertised is not directly but through the promotion of non-advertising, when information about a new product or service is brought to the audience in an unobtrusive way, so that they do not suspect that became the object of advertising exposure. Hidden Marketing 10,000 rubles.