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Website development, professional website in Izhevsk and Moscow

Website - this is your representation in the Internet space, is your business card. The qualities of the site, the more confidence it causes the user. Therefore, when developing the site you need to rely on expert opinion, listen to their advice on usability.

You also need to understand the goals that must be achieved by means of development of the site, our specialists will always come to your aid and offer optimum technical and visual solutions. All we have developed a site ideal for SEO promotion and use of content, media advertising. Each client is unique and therefore the solutions are selected individually.

Website - card

From 10 000 rub.

This site consists of 10-15 pages, on which the most simple and should be fully set out information about the company, its services or products.

Site with a catalog

From 15 000 rub.

Also, it should give full information about the company, plus allows you to see the full range of products of the company.


From 25 000 rub.

More serious resource rather than site-card. It not only informs customers about the company, but also gives you access to its employees to corporate data and applications.

Online Shop

From 30 000 rub.

It is the most effective tool of Internet sales. In such sites include features such as: personal account user, Shopping, payment methods, forms of delivery, detailed and comprehensive product catalog.

Internet portal

From 50 000 rub.

This multi-functional site, which spread different materials trial nature, news, events, users with the ability to comment on them.


From 15 000 rub.

Landing-page - this page is selling your product or service with a high conversion of visitors to your client. Suitable wholesalers, and companies offering complex services.

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