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Site support - services to finalize the design, content writing, Virus Removal

Web site design - it is your representation in the Internet space, is your business card. The qualities of the site, the more confidence it causes the user. Therefore, when developing the site you need to rely on expert opinion, listen to their advice on usability.

Following the successful creation of a site is always a need for maintenance and support. It's over, you can instruct the Secretary-General, but we are supporters of the view that everyone should mind his own business. In all our tariffs we say that we support the operation of the site. Our company has invested in this concept a deeper meaning than you can imagine. This means not just monitoring site, and the solution of all problems arising in your work process. We need to change the price, do you need to edit the text, not a problem to make technical changes, of course. Because for us it is your performance site- sale, money, profits, reputation.

The composition of services

Refinement of the design
Virus Removal
Filling content site
Refinement functional
Create content


  • Maintenance
  • Backup
  • Removing viruses
5000 rub. / Month.
  • Maintenance
  • Backup
  • Removing viruses
  • Work on the content (writing texts artwork adding pages)
10,000 rubles / month
  • Maintenance
  • Backup
  • Removing viruses
  • Revision of the functional and design (programming and layout design refinement 16h 8h)
  • Work on the content (writing texts handling otografy adding pages)
15,000 rubles / month

Rates "All Inclusive".
Any kind of works in man-hours without any restrictions.

50000 rub. / Month.


Personal Manager
Online problem solving
Unused hours are transferred to the next month
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