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IT solutions for your company. Setting up office computers

Pledge of successful work is not only the development of online office, but also the internal IT infrastructure. It makes no sense to spend hundreds of thousands of rubles for the creation and promotion at the office when no ip telephony server is not working, there is no internal mail, and the computer slows down. Our experts as soon as possible will be able to perform all the necessary work. We are ready to take you to all the routine problems of your company is only engaged in the development of their own business.

55000 rubles. for all work except building site. (All inclusive or all-inclusive)

45000 rubles. Basic settings (for each additional part of 5000 rubles)

Basic Settings

  • 1
    Localization server (Installing the Russian language, the date format setting time, time zone)
  • 2
    A breakdown of hard disk partitions, and combining them into a RAID array. (Takes a long time, almost a day)
  • 3
    Install utilities and programs (antivirus, winrar, etc.).
  • 4
    Installing Office programs.
  • 5
    Installing system components Windows.
  • 6
    Installation services and server roles:
  • 7
    Remote Desktop Services. (Installation, configuration, litsenzirvanie)
  • 8
    Service Web Server (IIS), and FTP. (Installation, configuration, access to FTP)
  • 9
    Install the Hyper-V. (Installing, configuring virtual networks)
  • 10
    The institution of new users and groups.
  • 11
    Setting permissions to folders.
  • 12
    The transfer of data to the server.
  • 13
    Setting 1C, and transfer databases. (Require PIN codes from 1C.)
  • 14
    Virtualizing physical servers and transfer them to the server. (Server will run in a virtual environment HYPER-V, it takes a long time)
  • 15
    Install firewall integrated services that helps protect IT environments from threats coming through the Internet, while providing users with fast and secure remote access to applications and data. (Setting a single server in a virtual environment HYPER-V)
  • 16
    Install and configure the VPN server.
  • 17
    System Configuration Backup servers and data.
  • 18
    Configuring and installing Print Services. Installing the printer on the server.
  • 19
    Transfer-mail, data and user settings. (The most recent, expensive and time-consuming point of all this work)
  • 20
    The training and instruction of users.

basic settings 45000 tr.

Separate work

  • 1
    The deployment of your mail server. Redirection of domain names on the server. Import mail users in the mail system.
  • 2
    The deployment of the server IP-telephony. (Purchased at the operator number of IP-telephony. We need IP-phones in the office, or gateway. You can configure the smartphone, calls are accepted free of charge in any country as long as the Internet has been on a smartphone.)
  • 3
    Deployment Server collaborate on documents and projects. (Like Sharepoint and Kerio Workspace or in other words its cloud, ie, everything is done through the browser)
  • 4
    Domain Services Active Directory. (If more than three servers, and more than 10 people, it makes sense to raise the service not to register each client to the server)
  • 5
    Setting the database based on MS SQL Server 2008 and above ..
  • 6
    The deployment of web server and web site.

some works 5000 tr. for each type of work.

basic settings + individual work 55000 tr.