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Site audit - order an audit by professionals

A comprehensive audit of the site – is a professional comprehensive analysis of your web-resource, which is conducted by our specialists. The audit identified weaknesses, weak or ill-conceived space, possible problems that may be the reason that your site does not comply fully with its goals and objectives.

Such measures can increase several times the impact of your website and turn numbers of Yandex metric in the real buyers.

Examples of our audit *

* shows one example of the other works are a trade secret and not be disclosed

Why audit?


You want to improve site conversion


You want to reduce the failure rate


You are dissatisfied with
advertising on the Internet

Price for a comprehensive audit of the site 8000 tr.
Analysis of the target audience
Description of the target groups, their characteristics and preferences sotsdem
channels and forms to deliver information to target groups
The objectives of each group and the behavior of the script on the site
Match Site problems (availability of necessary information, ease of navigation, etc.) - see. "Usability Evaluation", "Evaluation of the content"
The analysis of the actual behavior of visitors (and its compliance with the above scenarios) - see. "Analysis of attendance"
Setting goals and events
Determining the desired criteria (numeric) on the level of achievement of the objectives
Evaluation of design and usability
Evaluation of decoration and design
appropriate design and structure of the problem site
the general requirements of usability
Value modern and fashion
Easy navigation; menu layout, its consistency; the presence of additional navigation options; the presence of "breadcrumbs"
Easy access to target information (contacts, form of communication, order, etc.) and the ability to solve their problems on a customer site
The presence of his / third-party advertising
Evaluation of content
The usefulness, completeness and volume of information placed
The speed of finding useful information to visitors
Sharpen description of the company (name, activities, main products / services), full catalog , the prices
Visibility contact their completeness (directions, icq, skype, etc.), the presence in the social media pages

unique content conformity of site and containing its list
The presence of spelling and stylistic errors
understandable in terms of target audience, matching text style
readability and quality of design (font / color / size), the presence of graphics and images
Following the design (or a single style ) when you make content
posted photos Update frequency content of the site (especially the news section, FAQ; relevance of Shares, etc.)
Evaluation of the program
Errors in the functional
error messages on the screen in the status bar (JS), in logs (if you have access)

  • Protection against incorrect input data
  • Check for vulnerability

  • Download speed
  • Load testing

Other technical problems:
  • "broken" links
  • display information on error 404
  • Other (report by the robot)
Evaluation layout
The validity of HTML, CSS
Correct display in browsers
Correct display for different screen resolutions
The presence and the correct version for printing, PDA; version without images, JS
Correct display on mobile devices
Clean HTML code:
  • the comments in the code
  • JavaScript code in browser
  • the code styles
Using tables for other purposes (layout DIV / TABLE)
optimized code
Analysis of the domain name and hosting
Accessory domain owner
Ease of perception and memory
Have spellings
Suitable for promotion (the third level, free hosting)
The download speed data hosting
Duration unavailable hosting (if you have information)
Statistics of attendance ("over the counter")
Attendance for the period

audience demographics statistics pages of the site:
  • popular
  • stay
  • the achievement of "landing pages"
  • the typical path visitor
  • the entry and exit
  • sites, traffic sources
  • search query
  • a directory
  • with the content
  • with banners
  • other
synthesis "portrait" visitor
identify "necessary" and "unnecessary" transitions
evaluation of achievement of the objectives
recommendations for improving
Evaluation of advertising campaigns
Evaluation of key phrases in the systems of contextual advertising (+/- words)
Evaluation of ad text (or banners)
Evaluation landing page for each ad contextual advertising, banner references from the MS
Analysis of the behavior of the audience, who came for different advertising campaigns - see. Attendance
Efficiency Analysis:
  • achieving the goals
  • conversion
  • average check
  • analysis indicators (statistics) on the side of the customer
search engine optimization rank
Statistics indexing MS TIC, PR
The presence of site in directories

The presence of counter analysis of header tags and meta information (title, keywords, description) - the difference, matching the page
Density keywords
markup pages (density of tags and keywords)
Evaluation semantic core
in the search engines
Other Possible searches
Evaluation visibility of a website (%)
Assessment of availability and cost of external links
Sites competitors
as such are:
  • named client,
  • found by searching,
  • Point through contextual advertising)
The analysis is conducted for each site
Overall Rating
  • Design and usability
  • content
  • the functionality and availability of interesting services
  • Using Innovation
Available statistics attendance
in the search engines
  • search engine optimization
  • content
  • banner networks
Changes to the site
The latest news and events
Report campaigns

display advertising other
Monitoring of the implementation of previous recommendations, performance evaluation
Identify priority issues and actions
Query materials, the list of required actions
Planned performance indicators achieved as a result of < br />Overall rating:
  • Design and usability
  • content
  • the functionality and availability of interesting services
  • Using Innovation
Available statistics attendance
in the search engines
  • search engine optimization
  • content
  • banner networks
Changes to the site
The latest news and events
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